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Edited by Josh Oakes. 296 pages. 4.25" X 8.5". Paperback. UV-protected glossy cover. ISBN 1-892588-16-1. List $9.95.

The most comprehensive guide to beer, includes descriptions and ratings by tens of thousands of craft beer enthusiasts. Based on the consensus ratings on the country’s most popular beer website, RateBeercom. Includes a food-pairing guide by award-winning beer writer Stan Hieronymus.

REVIEWS: “Brilliant food-to-beer guide. It is brutally honest, has a good deal of hilarious commentary and studying can only improve your beer IQ” – Jim Witmer, Dayton Daily News.

"This book has ratings of 2,700 macros, micros and imports galore. Oakes has culled the best of the brews reviews. Check it out!" – Travis Poling, San Antonio Express News

"The Beer Guide has a great beer-food pairing cheat sheet" – Don Russell, Philadelphia Daily News Joe Six-Pack columnist. Don Russell, Philadelphia Daily News Joe Six-Pack columnist.

“Excellent book. We give it 4-1/2 stars -- out of 4!” – Beer Radio

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